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July 06, 2006


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The new renovated Ivana Helsinki main store in Helsinki has the widest range of the current selection. From them you can also request items in their central warehouse and from the earlier collections. IvanaHelsinki does not keep producing all of the earlier collections, so they may not be available at all.

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Pretty much everything I wrote last year still works, but Ivana Helsinki has expanded and brought out new collections for 2006. The designer Paola Suhonen still trusts on the power of print, but there are also other types of items. Paola Suhonen has recently designed also to other brands than her own, but it seems she still has time for Ivana Helsinki as well.

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"Hemma" is a very interesting expansion. It covers purses, trays, CD covers, binders, napkins, pillows etc, featuring Ivana graphics. Something to offer an alternative to the very old Marimekko "Unikko" graphics by Maija Isola.

Ivana Helsinki is not all about women. They do have a small collection of men's clothing as well. Looks very promising, surely something to check out as well.

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